In case you missed it...Dr. Bill Buskist

Oct 23, 2015

M.S.U. was fortunate to have Dr. William Buskist, professor of psychology at Auburn University and distinguished scholar of teaching and learning, on campus September 24th and 25th.  Dr. Buskist’s lecture “Pathways to Excellent Teaching” presented his findings on the behaviors of award-winning university teachers, their perceptions of what constitutes excellent teaching, and their criteria for measuring student learning.  Dr. Buskist and Mississippi State’s Jared Keeley led a workshop on “Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” in which they led participants through a self-evaluation based on their “Teacher Behavior Checklist.”  Drs. Buskist and Keeley encouraged participants to identify elements of their own teaching that could be improved and to think of those areas as potential subjects for the scholarship of teaching and learning.  They provided a framework to measure student responses to new teaching strategies, to record those responses, and to argue for the wider significance of the change in pedagogy.  Both events were challenging and enriching, and anyone who would like to may view Dr. Buskist’s lecture by clicking the link below.

The Scholarship of Learning - Dr. Bill Buskist Video


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