Informal Canvas Course Review

A service the Center for Teaching & Learning provides is guidance on developing your Canvas course. We all can benefit from another set of eyes reviewing the course design, structure, organization, and assessments/activities offered.  While we do offer formal course evaluations using the Quality Matters standards, we understand that there are many instructors that are not ready for a formal course evaluation. Much like formative evaluation is a great strategy for our learners, this informal course review will help you strengthen your course(s) before a formal Quality Matters standards based review and help make learning more effecient for students.

Examples of some of the areas that will be reviewed:

  • Assessments
  • Learning Activities
  • Navigation
  • Objectives (if available)
  • Opportunities for:
    • Interaction
    • Communication
    • Engagement
  • Organization
  • Structure
  • Technology/Canvas Tools 


Benefits of an informal course review:

  • Private
  • Personalized coaching to address any areas needing improvement
  • Conducted asynchronously (unless you desire to meet afterwards to discuss)
  • Video format allows for you to revist and correct issues on your own time
  • Decreased student confusion and questions to you
  • Increased student performance, interaction, and engagement



  1. Instructor will sign up for the informal course review through the Workshops & Events Page
  2. CTL staff will contact instructor via Microsoft Teams.
  3. Instructor will add the course reviewer to their class as a "Teaching Assistant" or "Instructor".
  4. CTL staff will record (Studio) a tour of the instructor's course while narrating what is being observed. 
  5. CTL staff will send the Studio video to the instructor for review. 
  6. Follow up discussion can be scheduled via Microsoft Teams if the instructor would like more information or assistance.