Instructional Design

Instructional Design


The CTL offers instructional design services for online courses. Instructional design is a systematic process for developing instruction. This process involves assisting faculty members with course planning during the initial proposal process and through the development of a quality online course. While many different models exist, we typically use the ADDIE approach, which consists of five stages: (1) Analysis of the planned instruction, (2) Design of the planned course, (3) Development of the materials, (4) Implementation of the course, and (5) Evaluation. Within the CTL, we emphasize analyzing, planning, and developing the course prior to its being taught.

If you are planning an online course, we recommend that you make an appointment with our instructional designer, Kris King. This is especially helpful prior to submitting your course for UCCC approval. He will assist you with initial course planning and then work with you to design a quality online course. He can be reached at or at 662-325-2083.

Another service offered by the CTL is observations for faculty who are teaching online courses. Please refer to the information regarding Online Course Evaluations if you are interested.


Certification for teaching distance courses occurs with the successful completion of Online Teaching 101:  Best Practices in Online Instruction, which is a completely online training consisting of four modules. It is typically offered in a four week format. New offerings are announced via email and on the CTL web site. Registration can be found at // . Once a faculty member successfully completes the training, his or her name is sent to Human Resources Management and filed with the employee’s credentials file.

All faculty who teach online or hybrid courses should have completed formal training in online pedagogies. 

If a faculty member has successfully completed comparable training elsewhere, he or she should send a description of the training, along with verification of completion, to Dr. Kris King for alternate certification.

The CTL also regularly offers seminars on effective online instruction.