Teaching Online


Teaching online courses requires instructors to understand and apply teaching strategies that are different than those practiced in a traditional F2F (face-to-face) course. Please use the resources on this page to help develop & strengthen your online pedagogies.  

The CTL offers one-on-one consultation and would be glad to help you design and develop your online courses. 

Please feel free to contact us at anytime for assistance in your online endeavors.  

Online Teaching 101: Best Practices in Online Instruction

The Center for Teaching & Learning offers Online Teaching 101: Best Practices in Online Instruction throughout the year. Successful completion of this four week course leads to certification in online teaching and is added to the instructor's credentials with Human Resources. In this online training, we discuss the best practices for teaching online as well introduce the Quality Matters standards.

Please view the CTL Events Page to sign up for our next offering of Online Teaching 101. 

Online Course Resources

Canvas Course Template - This simple template provides the instructor a starting point in their online course design. Please feel free to use the content in this example to get you started creating Modules for your course.

Download Instructions:

(Note: You must have a MSU Bully Mail or Google Drive account. If you do not, please follow these simple instructions to get your instant MSU Google Drive account. Ensure that you are signed into this MSU account to access the file.)

To download this file, simply click on the "Canvas Course Template" hyperlink. The compressed file will contain all of the package components that will need to uploaded to your Canvas shell in one compressed file. Simply click on the download icon  

(top right of the screen) and download the compressed file.


Do not open any individual files. All files must be uploaded in a compressed/zipped format.

Importing Canvas Template Into Your Course

Your next step is to import the downloaded file into your Canvas course shell. Please follow these detailed instructions to import this template: How to Import A Canvas Course Export Package