Textbook Selection

Barnes & Noble at Mississippi State

  • Mississippi State's official campus bookstore located in the Cullis Wade Depot.
  • 30,000 general reading and reference books available, and can special order any book in print at no additional charge.
  • Barnes & Noble carries all required and recommended Textbooks and Course Materials severing all Mississippi State courses including Distance Learning.
  • Offers a wide range of Mississippi State clothing and gifts.
  • Large selection of Office and School Supplies, Electronics, Greeting cards, and much more.
  • Full Service Starbucks café including sandwiches, soups, and bakery items. (10% discount for Faculty)
  • Price Matching- Barnes & Noble will match any local competitors price on Textbooks, guaranteeing students the lowest price in town.
  • Faculty receive 10% off General Reading & Reference books, Clothing, Gifts, and Supplies

Submitting Book Requests

Why do we need book requests so early?

  • Research your book's publisher, ISBN, and availability.
  • Determine if your book is out-of-stock, out of print, or if there's a new edition.
  • Locate and purchase used copies on campus and around the country and/or order new books from the publishers.
  • Book requests are generally due in March for Summer and Fall Courses, and October for Spring Courses. Your academic department will inform you when they are due, and you will receive an announcement from the bookstore.

How can early book requests save students money?

  • We can buy used copies from students on campus and pay them up to 50% cash back of the purchase price. We only pay 50% cash back when the Faculty Member has submitted the order for following term.
  • We can locate additional used copies on the national used book market before other institutions buy them.
  • Next term's students save 25% off the new price when they buy used books.

Click here to see a brief video about submitting book requests to the bookstore and how to save students money on books.

How can I submit Book requests

The online system allows you to view the last 2 years of book history, and it has easy to use drop down menus to locate your courses. Each academic department is also provided book forms with the previous year's book requests.

We offer many different ways to submit textbook requests. Pick the method that's best for you.

Faculty Center Network

Looking for more information about a book? The Faculty Center Network (FCN) provides detailed and unbiased information on over 500,000 textbooks including peer reviews, usage histories, author biographies, and content excerpts. This free service is available to faculty members and staff. To get started or learn more, click here.

Tips on Saving Students Money

  • Use the same edition as last year whenever possible. This allows the bookstore to pay students 50% cash back, and saves students the following semester 25% off the new price.
  • Avoid custom books that are loose-leaf or custom books that can only be used once. This forces students to buy new each semester, and they cannot recoup any money at book buyback.
  • Carefully evaluate any packages offered by publishers. Access codes and other components are often one time use and are expensive when bought separately. This forces students to buy a new package each semester and the bookstore cannot buy these back.
  • Consider using a Custom Course Pack or a Digital Book instead of a traditional textbook.

Custom Course Packs

Barnes & Noble is the exclusive provider of all custom publishing for Mississippi State University courses. Services include the development of course packs for Faculty Members, securing the appropriate copyright clearances, printing and binding of course packs and distribution and sale of the course packs in the bookstore.

  • Course packs are available in both Print, Digital, and a Print + Digital option.
  • Course packs are a great way to save your students money.
  • Complimentary desk copies are provided to Faculty.
  • All course packs must go through copyright clearances, regardless of the content's source.
  • Copyrighting can take several weeks, please provide ample time when submitting a course pack request.

Digital textbooks are here!

More and more publishers are offering digital textbooks. Digital textbooks are complete textbooks that download onto a computer. You can request a digital textbook from the bookstore the same way you request a bound book.

  • Saving students money. Digital textbooks cost 40% less than their bound counterparts - real savings your students will appreciate.
  • New ways to learn. Digital textbooks can be searched by keyword, embedded with multimedia, and marked up digitally by students with special note-taking software.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Digital textbooks bypass the energy and resource intensive production process and can be updated electronically.


Bobby Hamous
General Manager

David Coward
Textbook Manager