Mississippi State University Teaching Awards

Mississippi State University recognizes faculty for outstanding teaching service. Although some awards may be specific to individual colleges or departments, a sampling of these awards and recognitions are listed below.

Grisham Master Teacher Awards

The Grisham Master Teacher Award provides a stipend of $10,000 to one award winner per academic year. The University Instructional Improvement Committee will evaluate and select applicants from qualified individuals who apply for this award based on criteria such as engagement of students in learning, assessment of teaching and learning, clarity and organization of teaching, variety of teaching methods, enthusiasm, scholarship of teaching, etc. All current full-time faculty (regardless of rank) are eligible to apply for this award if the following Eligibility Requirements are met

  • You must be teaching at least one course during Fall or Spring semester for the academic calendar year in order to allow for an in-class observation.
  • Applicants must have at least 7 years of experience at MSU teaching primarily undergraduates.

Information on how to apply will be posted each Fall semester under the Provost’s office Announcement page.

Past Grisham Award Recipients