Consultation/Evaluation Services

The Center for Teaching and Learning at MSU provides consultations on utilizing various learning technologies and best practices for the design of instruction, as well as providing classroom observations and evaluations of teaching.We conduct observations by request for faculty for either face-to-face or online classes.To request an observation, the first step is to contact the director and schedule an appointment.  At that time, the nature of your class will be discussed and possible dates for the observation will be chosen.  Please schedule your observation as soon as you can, as it is difficult to schedule on short notice.During the observation of a face-to-face class, the CTL observer will come into the class and observe for at least 40 minutes.  During the last 10 minutes, the instructor will leave and a focus group with students will be conducted.  A report will be written which includes (a) a description of the class activities, (b) a summary of student comments, and (c) suggestions. For an online class, the CTL observer will enter the online class and review all components.  The report will include (a) a checklist evaluation, (b) a description of the class activities, and (c) suggestions.The reports go to the requesting faculty member only.To schedule a consultation, please email or call (662) 325-2083 with your contact information and requested service. We look forward to working with you!