Schillig Teaching Grant Recipients


Ottilie Schillig Special Teaching Project Awards


Joshua Smith, BCOE-Mechanical Engineering
Project: A Steam Engine Rediscovery Experience for Mechanical Engineers
Award: $2400
Funding provided for materials and manufacturing costs of three working models to be designed and built by ME students and used in a re-discovery activity centered on James Watt’s steam engine design piloted in the Fall of 2020 on the Gulf Coast campus, then modified for use on the Starkville campus in Spring of 2021.
Dominic Lippillo, CAAD-Art
Project: Exhibition of Student Work made with Digital Technology
Award: $3000
Funding provided for various digital equipment to showcase student work in a gallery setting to “gain real-world perspective on creating art work for public display.
Saeed Rokooei, CAAD-Building Construction Science
Project: Improving Learning and Teaching in the Building Construction Science Safety Studio through Virtual Reality Application
Award: $3000
Funding provided for 3D and VR equipment and models to develop and apply educational modules in a virtual reality environment to “enhance teaching quality and student learning experience” in the studio.
Florencia Meyer, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Entomology and Plant Pathology
Project: Can you "see" the fingerprints?
Award: $3000
Funding provided for updating a forensic equipment that allows students to enhance invisible fingerprints deposited on objects to be able to photograph and analyze them.
Molly Nicodemus, CALS-Animal and Dairy Science
Project: Benefits of animal assisted psychotherapy and learning taught through participation in an equine therapy program
Award: $3000
Funding provided for technology and arena equipment to expand the current therapy program to accommodate the size of student involvement from larger ADS classes.
Rinat Gabitov and Brenda Kirkland, CAS-Geosciences
Project: Engaged, Hands-on Learning of Minerals and Rocks using Microscopes and Thin Sections pared with Hand Samples in Foundational Geology Courses
Award: $2803
Funding provided for thin sections and microscopy accessories to allow for upgrading of labs to better  engage students and improve hands-on learning experiences.
Ashley Vancil-Leap, CAS-Gender Studies
Project: The Game of Social Life: A Multi-Dimensional Poverty Simulation
Award: $529.32
Funding provided for materials to create and produce materials necessary to assemble the poverty simulation game.
Austin Himes, CFR-FWRC
Project: Improving Student Learning by Establishing a Campus Nature Trail with an Augmented Reality Experience
Award: $3000
Funding provided for arboretum wood plant tags and signs with QR codes and information text to enhance the instruction of FO2213 Dendrology.
Chih-Chia Chen, COE-Kinesiology
Project: Increasing Experimental Learning Experience in Human Movement Study
Award: $3000
Funding provided for portable laboratory equipment to allow hands-on experience to PE3223 and PE4853 students.