Studio (Formally Arc)

Stuido (formally Arc) is an asynchronous communication tool that is integrated with Canvas. Studio serves as the video creation tool and repository to house new and existing videos for your courses. At the time of this post, there are no storage limits so you can record, upload, and store as many videos as you please.Studio allows you to create new videos with your webcam, screen capture, or both. You can also upload previously recorded videos you may have stored elsewhere.


One of the best features of Studio is the ability to automatically generate closed-captions for videos. Simply click one button and within a few minutes a transcript of the captions is available for your review. It is not perfect and some minor edits may be needed.

Studio is replacing the university's old media storage MyMedia.

Below you will find resources and tutorials to help you use Studio in your Canvas course.

Studio Resources

What is Studio? 

How do I use Studio through the Course Navigation Menu in Canvas as an instructor?

Adding Video in Studio

How do I record an Studio video with a webcam in Canvas?

How do I record a screen capture video in Canvas?

Editing & Captions in Studio

How do I edit details and tags for Studio media in Canvas as an instructor?

How do I replace an Studio video thumbnail in Canvas?

How do I add captions to Studio media in Canvas?

Embedding Video with Studio

How do I embed studio media in Canvas?

How do I use Studio through the Rich Content Editor in Canvas?