Online Teaching 101

Online Teaching 101: Best Practices in Online Instruction is a four-week, asynchronous online course that introduces instructors to the best practices in online instruction. Successful completion of this course awards participants the online teaching credential required by the university.  This course will introduce online pedagogy for instructors that teach or plan to teach online or in a hybrid context. 

Topics presented are derived from best practices published by top researchers in the field as well as guidance from the Quality Matters Higher Educational online teaching standards.

The course consists of four modules with each module requiring participants to interact with instructional materials in text, audio, and video formats. Modules do have required assignments with deadlines that must be successfully completed in order to earn the credential.

Sample Course Syllabus

Sample Course Schedule

Online 101 Certified Instructors

Mr. David Ademule
Dr. Aisha Ahmadu
Mr. Clinton Ayres
Mr Mahathir Bappy
Ms. Madison Bibbs
Ms. Amber Blackshear
  Joel Boothe
Dr. Anthony Bowden
Dr. Shane Brauer
Mr. James Bruckelmeyer
Ms. Keondra Burrage
Mrs. Michelle Cauley
Mr. Adam Collins
Ms. Jennie Daigler
Ms. Melissa Daigrepont
Mr. Michael Dawkins
Dr. Wanda Dean
Dr. Tim Derby
Ms. Kimberly Dickey
Mr. Bradley Dromazos
Mr. Omar Es Sahli
Dr. Moshood Fagbolade
Mrs. Rebecca Fischer
Dr. Kristen Fizzano
Mr. Edwin Friedhaber
Ms. Kaitlyn Hall
Dr. Nathan Hammond
Dr. SaMin Han
Dr. Terri Hernandez
Ms. Chiquita Holmes
Dr. Christopher Hudson
Dr. Joonsik Hwang
Dr. Tom Jenkins
Dr. Jenna Johnson
Dr. Evan Kaplan
Ms. Abigail Kukay
Ms. Acacia Lopez
Mr. Sapan Luitel
Mr. Alejandro Martinez Castellon
Dr. Stephanie Mattson
Ms. Carrie McCormick
Dr. Marcus McGee
Dr. Alisha Milam
Mr. Kevin Moore
Mr. Kollin Napier
Ms. Tram Nguyen
Mr. Rainer Nichols
Ms. Marin Olson
Ms. Pathirage Udeshika Perera
Ms. Monika Popovic
Dr. Sujan Poudyal
Mr. Andrew Rendon
Ms. Natalie Rhodes
Dr. Sheida Riahi
Dr. Christine Rogers
Dr. Soundouss Sassi
Ms. Lucinda Scrivener
Ms Qingyu Sheng
Ms. Denise Sibley
Ms. Darcie Sidelinger
Dr. Mackenzie Sidwell
Dr. Kulraj Singh
Ms. Lisa Smith
Dr. Aaron Smith
Dr. Ty Stafford
Ms. Alayna Stevens
Ms. AlliGrace Story
Ms. Colleen Stouffer
Ms. Michelle Stubbs
Mr. Ahmad Taninah
Ms. Jessica Thompson
Dr. Shevonda Truman
Ms. Tashmia Turner
Mr. Patrick Vukmirovich
Mr. Kelly Walker
Dr. Matthew Whitledge
Dr. Fikriyah Winata
Mr. Jinlong Zhang