Teaching Portfolio Workshop

Participants in this community of practice reflect on their own teaching, learn practices for representing teaching effectiveness, and begin to compile a teaching portfolio useful for job applications, annual reviews, promotion and tenure applications, and teaching award nominations.

Participants that complete all course work and attend the live WebEx sessions earn a digital badge. 

Please see the list of successful completions below.

Dr. Zack Ahonle - Assisstant Professor of Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations

Dr. Kayla Bates-Brantley - Assistant Professor of Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations

Dr. Uyanga Bazaa - Assistant Professor of Communication

Leigh Beckman - Instructor of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Gwendolyn Boyd-Shields - Associate Professor of FWRC Sustainable Bioproducts

Elaine Bunn - Instructor of Curriculum,Instruction & Special Ed

Dr. Kristen Campbell - Instructor of Psychology

Jennifer Carruth - Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems

Dr. Jessica Collier - Assistant Professor of Communication

Hunter Derby - Assistant Professor of Kinesiology

Katie Doughty - Instructor of English

Angel Fason - Instructor - School of Human Sciences

Ciera Higginbotham - Lecturer of English

Samantha Jones - School of Human Sciences

Dr. Alison Lee - Assistant Professor of CVM Clinical Science Department

Dr. Seunghan Lee - Assistant Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Christopher Little - Lecturer of Classical & Modern Languages & Literature

Dr. Stephanie Mattson - Assistant Professor - Foundations

Dr. Kay Morgan - Assistant Clinical Professor - Instructional Systems & Workforce Development

Lindsey Poe - Instructor of Geosciences

Dr. Leah Pylate - Assistant Professor of Food Science Nutrition Health Promotion

Dr. Ashley Schulz - Assistant Professor of Forestry

Dr. Mackenzie Sidwell - Assistant Professor - Foundations

Dr. Hallie Smith - Assistant Professor of Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations

Dr. Jordan Spencer - Assistant Clinical Professor - Foundations

Beca Spencer - Instructor - Foundations

Dr. Emily Stinson - Instructor of English

Brandi Sumrall - Instructor of Education

Bob Swanson - Instructor of Physics & Astronomy

Dr. Michelle Taylor - Instructor of Management & Information Systems

Saja Teeti - Assistant Professor - Center for Computational Sciences

Dr. Carol White - Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Kyla Wilcher - Instructional Technician - CVM Clinical Science Department

Dr. Mark Wildmon - Assistant Professor of Counseling, Ed Psyc, & Foundations

Courtney Windhorn - Lecturer of Sociology

Dr. John Wyatt - Associate Professor of Instructional Systems & Workforce Development





Dr. Richard Damms - Associate Professor & Division Head - Meridian Division of Arts & Science

Dr. John Ezell - Assistant Clinical Professor of Geosciences

Dr. Velinda Calvert - Assistant Clinical Professor of Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Ty Stafford - Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychology

Aaron White - Assistant Professor of Architecture

Dr. Lourdes Cardozo Gaibisso - Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Caroline Ivy - Associate Clinical Professor - CVM Clinical Science Department

Dr. Rachel Allison - Associate Professor of Sociology

Dr. Alisha Hardman  - Associate Professor - School of Human Sciences

Jacinda Leopard - Graduate Research Assistant - Food Sci Nutrition Health Promo

Nusrat Jahan - Graduate Research Assistant - Chemical Engineering

Natasha Murphy - Graduate Research Assistant - FWRC-Wildlife,Fisheries&Aquaculture

Dr.  Aisha Ahmadu - Graduate Teaching Assistant - Political Science and Public Admin

Greg Marcus - Instructor of English

Abigail Voller - Instructor of English

Dr. Sheida Riahi - Instructor of Marketing/Quant Analysis/Bus Law

Amy Fountain - Instructor of Communication

Morgan Green - Instructor - Mechanical Engineering

Rainer Nichols - Instructor - Center for Resolving Human WF Conflict

Dr. Tim Derby - Lecturer of Philosophy & Religion

Christina Loftin - Lecturer of Sociology

Amy Waldrop - Project Director - CEP-WCTP (World Class Teaching Program)

Dharun Manoharan       

Cassie  Pavy