Peer Review of Teaching - Developmental Peer Observation

Peer Review of Teaching - Developmental Peer Observation


Having a peer observe your teaching can be informative and rewarding; the form below is intended to be used to document a type of low-stakes observation where a peer visits the class and provides directed input. As a formative-type of observation, this process is intended to encourage dialogue and discussion useful to both parties in examining their teaching practice. 


This type of teaching exchange provides evidence of thoughtful practice, which should be considered in regard to teaching effectiveness for both the observer and observed. While this form of peer observation is suitable for any instructor, it is particularly well-suited to those who are relatively new to teaching. 


1. Identify a Peer 

This practice can be useful with peers inside and outside of your discipline. There may be usefulness both in working with a more practiced instructor and a peer of similar experience. Over time, it may be useful to work with a few different observers to gain different perspectives. 

2. Pre-class Discussion

Once you and a peer have decided to work together, you will want to identify a time to have a pre-class discussion. It is important in this meeting to identify particular areas of focus in regard to teaching and also practical considerations in regard to the visit.

3. Classroom Visit

The instructor should introduce the peer briefly and explain the purpose of the visit. The observer will want to make note of items of discussion during the visit.

4. Post-class Discussion 

The post-class discussion is intended to be explorative and supportive, but may also involve various suggestions by the observer in regard to areas of focus for improvement. In the case that additional input or guidance is necessary, the Center for Teaching and Learning is available to make suggestions.

5. Completion of Developmental Peer Observation Form

At the post-class discussion, both parties will complete the form and submit to the Center for Teaching and Learning for final review and signature. 

Download Developmental Peer Observation Form