Our Center offers a variety of special or recurring courses, trainings, and programs designed to meet the needs of the campus community. 


Active Learning Series

This semester-long community of practice focuses on current research from educational and cognitive psychology on how people learn, offering participants the opportunity to explore, practice, and assess active learning techniques.

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Inclusive Teaching

This semester-long community of practice, offered in partnership with the Division of Access, Diversity, & Inclusion focuses on implementing a student-centered pedagogy that is inclusive of learners of all backgrounds and abilities. This serves is an opportunity to learn and implement best practices in inclusive pedagogy and to draft an inclusive teaching statement.

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Online Teaching 101

This four-week, online community of practice teaches best practices for efficient and effective online instruction. Successful completion of Online Teaching 101 is a credential that is expected for all MSU instructors teaching online.

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Pedagogy Reading Group

Groups of approximately 8-15 people meet several times throughout a given semester for focused discussion of influential research in pedagogy. CTL provides the books!

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Reflective Teaching Series

This semester-long community of practice emphasizes reflection as a means of continual improvement of instruction and introduces participants to best practices for self-evaluation of teaching.

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Teaching Portfolio Workshop

Over the course of approximately ten days in May, participants in this community of practice reflect on their own teaching, learn practices for representing teaching effectiveness, and begin to compile a teaching portfolio useful for job applications, annual reviews, promotion and tenure applications, and teaching award nominations.

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Our targeted Communities of Practice

New Faculty Teaching Academy (for instructors new to MSU)

Always held just before the fall semester begins in August, this orientation introduces new instructors to teaching at MSU (including regulations and responsibilities), overviews pedagogical strategies for various types of courses, and offers an opportunity for informal discussion among new and experienced MSU instructors.

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Preparing Future Faculty (for MSU graduate students)

This year-long program introduces current graduate students to faculty roles and responsibilities in order to help prepare them for future faculty positions. Much of the focus is on university teaching, but research, balancing faculty responsibilities, and even some elements of the job search are part of the program.

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